Beach Training Academy

Professional Personalized Training

What We Offer:

  • Beach Training Bootcamp
  • Surf Coaching
  • Krav Maga
  • Yoga

Beach training bootcamp

Get in top physical condition. Beach training is a metabolic functional training to kick your energy level while toning your body through fun and diverse workouts at the beautiful beach of Santa Teresa. Enjoy working out every day with different optimized routines for a complete and smart body workout.  


Surf Coaching


Whatever level surfer you are–beginner, intermediate, or advanced–improve your performance with a full package to help you learn necessary skills and prepare you physically and mentally for surf success.

With our overall training program, we will bring you to the next level. Receive support, inspiration and motivation in group lessons. You will learn and practice surfing techniques on land and in the water. In our comprehensive program you will also learn about the ocean, the waves, changing conditions, surf etiquette and water safety. Additional complementary training will also get you into optimal shape.


Krav Maga

Train while learning how to defend yourself with Krav Maga, the Israeli self defense system based on real life situations. We will kick your ass with this strong, exciting and fun training. 



Combine your training with yoga to find the ideal balance between explosiveness, endurance and deep relaxation. Work out your body, mind and soul. Tone your muscles, increase flexibility and improve your focus. Deep stretching releases the tension in your body and helps you feel completely peaceful and relaxed.

As resting is part of the training, after working out recharge and treat yourself with healthy food, inspiring people and the abundant, beautiful nature.



About Me

I am a ISA surf instructor, 200 hr yoga teacher and German surf addict. I love the ocean and have many years experience surfing in Europe, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and of course Costa Rica.