Silent Shamanic Healing Retreat

With Prajna

July 19-26, 2019

Prajna Ginty ,MA Best Selling Author, Spiritual Guide and Meditation Teacher ,Shamanic Curandera, Hakomi and Re-Creation Therapist


A deep Transformal retreat For letting go into discovery, power, happiness And delicious strides in your human evolution .

-Satsang Guided meditation , Sillent Sittings and Group Shares individual an 3 Group limpias/ healing 3 Master plant teachers ( 4 sessions) that provide profound wisdom, guidance , Healing , grounding and integration Authentic movement with fantastic music Self guided yoga sessions Ancestral lineage clearings, Hakomi , shadow work, ReCreaction of the Self, Completing missed experiences, expanding consciousness to include all of life...

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Shared 2 person tipi(single beds) : a tipi is a permanent tent made out of natural local material Special retreat price 490$

Shared villa for 2 person(one king bed) Special retreat price 770$

Shared 4 person villa(single beds) Special retreat price 595$

All healthy food and drinks include during the entire retreat . Click here for more info and to book your accomodation