“We were recommended to try Adi’s cleanse while on a holiday in Santa Teresa. It may have been the best decision we made in a very long time! My sister and I were both struggling with digestive issues as well as feeling bloated and not in tune with our bodies at all. Adi guided us though the cleanse and made the juices, teas and smoothies with so much love. She answered all our questions, and explained how every ingredient helps your body. After the cleanse we started to see immediate changes, clearer eyes, skin and for the first time in many years, a digestion that actually worked! That was truly a miracle. Following the cleanse we both feel and look lighter, have more energy and truly understand the healing power of plants. The special ingredient to the cleanse is Adi, who not only has incredibly amounts of knowledge, but she truly wants what’s best for you. Could not recommend this cleanse more and we hope to do it again when it’s time.” 

- Med vennlig hilsen

- Anette Cecilie Dedichen Bastviken

“I’ve met Adi a Year & half ago, at a Women retreat in Costa Rica. She has then offered us all, her professional aid. we were so lucky to get so much healing from this Magical woman. Adi accompanied & supported my healing process throughout the whole period. although long distance it was, she could always accommodate and be Present for me, this worked just perfectly !!!

Thank you Adi for jumpstarting my system and for supporting me through this postpartum process. I can’t believe that I was able to fix my gut and lose 25lbs just by changing my diet and doing your 5 days juice fast detox and 28-day diet.
I love working with you!”

- Rimma B.

Sometimes you come across new people and you now directly that there was a purpose for this encounter. About 5 years ago I met Adi in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. From the first moment we met, I as well met her beautiful family. The love, the warmth and the openness that I strongly felt from each person, gave me such a beautiful feeling. The way Adi gives love to her family, love to the people around, the plants, the animals and world around us is limitless, timeless and therefor so beautiful. I found out that everything she touch, she touches with caring and love. Year after year I followed her little steps closer to her dream; Thea, which is now open for you. 

I have done a cleanse with her every year for the past 4 years and every time we finished my self love grew. Every year I feel more open & strong to myself and the care for the world around me. With her personal touch & patience she gave me a strong feeling about myself, my health and my personal way of life. And thats the essence of what makes her, and Thea amazing; people are individuals and you have to approach them in a personal way. 

Thats what she does, with a lot of love. 

Danielle Kempen.