Yoga Immersion Retreat

With Alit Bar Sadeh

Self-Discovery & Transform

Yoga Immersion Retreat

Aug 3 - 9, 2019

Join us for 7 days of relaxation, joyful adventures, yoga exploration and self discovery, in one of our planet’s natural gem - Santa Teresa of Costa Rica. 

Get ready for a transformational experience that reaches deep into your physical, emotional and mental layers. 

Located on the mountain top, looking at the sea, surrounded by the jungle’s lush green and the unique kindness of the Costa Rican people, and supported by professional, authentic and loving staff. This Yoga retreat offers you to connect to nature, explore your-Self, deepen your yoga practice, learn or enhance surfing skills, and be inspired to bring it back to your daily life. 

Enjoy this joyful & profoundly insightful journey, in a convivial atmosphere among like-minded people. 


  • 10 Yoga classes 

  • Daily Meditation and Pranayama sessions (sunrise & sunset)

  • 3 Satsangs

  • Complimentary smoothie

  • Personal advisory talks with Alit

  • Thai Massage class 

  • 3 days light Detox

  • 4 days healthy organic vegan food

  • 2 Cooking Classes

  • Wellness consultations with Adi

  • Infrara red Sauna

  • Day Trip to Montezuma's waterfall

  • Hike in Nature

  • Yoga classes on the beach

  • 1 massage (60 min.)

  • beach & resting time

  • ecstatic dance

  • pool party


  • Surfing Lessons

  • Additional classes, sessions or activities can be arranged at an additional cost


Being in the special land of Costa Rica, in the middle of astonishing nature, we’ll experience and play with the 5 elements, connecting to our true nature. 
We’ll do so via:

  • Lunar & Solar flow Yoga practices

  • Walking and seated meditation 

  • Pranayama 

  • Satsangs - spiritual & inspirational conversations

  • Mantra Chanting 

  • Adventures such as surfing & hiking

  • gentle detox, nourishing our body with organic seasonal food, and a menu suitable for each element

We’ll explore physical & philosophical concepts from the Yogi tradition, examine how they manifest in our daily lives, and deepen our understanding of an energetic yoga flow practice. 
We’ll do so by exploring:

  • The mechanism of the mind and what prevents us from leading calm & joyful life

  • Key patterns in the Yoga practice and decoding challenging poses 

  • The concept of effortless effort

    We’ll get tools to incorporate all that we’ve experienced and learned back into our daily life. 

  • How to tap into the space & joy found during the retreat in the day-to-day routine.

  • How to flow in life and in the yoga practice with minimum resistance 

  • How to practice in a way that will maintain and increase our energy levels, instead of exhaust them even more 

  • How to cook & eat healthy with minimum effort and time


  • Thea’s private villa - $2495 (per person)

  • Shared villa for two (1 king size bed) - $1970 (per person)

  • Shared villa for 4 (4 twin beds w/ 2 bathrooms) - $1780 (per person)

  • Tipi style cabin for two - $1670 (per person)

About Alit Bar Sadeh

Experienced Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga teacher (E-RYT 500), novice musician, bodyworker, and a loving being, who’s known for her dynamic, playful and thorough approach to teaching. 

Alit leads classes, workshops, and retreats internationally, where she uses the physical practice, together with mantras and discussions to explore philosophical ideas from the yogi tradition and integrate them in a modern lifestyle.

In terms of the physical practice, Alit’s teaching is inspired by Ashtanga Yoga and Prana Vinyasa, with great emphasis on the 5 elements and the deep connection to the inner movement of our life source. Alit’s sensitivity together with her education in Yoga Therapy and experience as a Thai massage therapist, enables almost every person in any physical condition to practice with her. 

Alit originally got into the practice of Yoga in search for physical support and a break from the stressful and demanding managerial job she had at the hi-tech industry. With time and practice she discovered a whole new world as well as herself, until one day, the mission of coping with the daily life became easy and joyous. 

“I feel it is my privilege and blessing to share with people a practice that is beyond just the physical. A way to combines strength and flexibility of the body, calmness and balance of the mind, and open our hearts.”